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Entourage is back. But this time on the silver screen. 


Some ideas never seem to get old. Even after 8 seasons of rabid fan following, the Entourage myth still has enough steam left to power out a full length feature film, due to release on June 3rd. At this point, who would even bet against a sequel.


Keep On Keepin’ On

Doug Ellin was quite sure he was going to write a movie, after an outstanding 8th and final season of the series left Entourage fans gasping for more. Easier said than done, however; after working on the script for two years between 2011 – 2013, Doug Ellin’s plan ran into rough weather with contractual issues almost scuttling the whole project. “The movie seems less and less likely every day”, said the writer-director in the midst of wrangles in September 2013.


Yes, they are back.

Yes, they are back.


Shoot At Sight

What helped was Mark Wahlberg’s persistence. He stuck by Doug Ellin and shooting finally got underway in February 2014. Primary shooting took place in bits in Los Angeles and Miami, presumably the stage for the many guest appearances in the movie. You will see Emily Ratajkowski, Jessica Alba, Pharrel Williams and even – surprise, surprise – Warren Buffet cameoing his way through.


Living the Hollywood life.

Living the Hollywood life.


The ‘Story’

It’s got to be big when it comes to Vincent Chase makes his directorial debut, which is the big situation here. Six months after the point in time Entourage ended, Ari Gold is now a studio executive, bankrolling Vince’s big dream. Not just bankrolling, but salvaging even, as obstacles to the movie arise and subside in the classic Entourage fashion. Vince keeps his carefree ways and lets Ari worry enough for the both of them.


You can pretty much sense the kind of uplifting and seemingly against-the-odds victory that will be scripted here. And you also know that, if you’re an Entourage fan, there is no chance that you are going to miss the experience of being there when the ‘boys from Queens’ win on the silver screen.

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