San Andreas Will Shake You Up

Releasing May 29, San Andreas could be Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s ultimate macho act.


One very good way to spice up a laidback California summer is one of Hollywood’s disaster fantasies. This year, the apocalypse of choice is a monster earthquake, which razes California to the ground in upcoming release San Andreas. But the overwhelming tsunamis and other malevolent forces of nature that accompany it can only watch as Dwayne Johnson literally picks everybody out of harm’s way.


Earth Shaking Summers


San Andreas marks a return to the paranoiac formula for Hollywood, which had been strangely ignored since the tanking of Day After Tomorrow. But West Coast Americans do love a good portrayal of their scenic surroundings being ravaged by apocalyptic doom. And well, director Brad Peyton, with the studio budget he had, obliges.


First, the confused look.

First, the confused look.


At the very outset you know this is going to be an out-and-out action flick, though the cast list has enough hangers-on to suggest possible emotional tracks. Carla Gugino stars opposite Dwayne Johnson as his ex-wife, who must now help him track down their estranged daughter in San Francisco. Enter into the mix a doctor who is Gugino’s fiance, and you can almost guess the kind of machinations that might follow.


The Rock Cooks


But the thrills and spills must never cease and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson makes that easy, pulling off seemingly impossible stunt sequences. Of course, with the movie scheduled to release in 3D, there will be enough gape-worthy visuals which will mask the truly herculean effort it must have been to withstand the brute force of the action.


Then look cool.

Then look cool.


The Works


Andrew Lockington has composed the soundtrack for the movie, shot across eastern Australia and California. More than the action packed GFX though, the side cast is what gives this movie cred, with the likes of Paul Giammatti and Archie Panjabi playing supporting roles. There is also Kylie Minogue in the movie, but really, only time will tell if she has any screen time.

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