Hot Pursuit Begins May 8, 2015

Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon get ready to tickle and tease with their newest release – Hot Pursuit.

A sign of the times perhaps; one of Hollywood’s biggest summer blockbusters this year will be fronted by two women. Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon pull off their own version of a Thelma & Louise escapade in Hot Pursuit. Except they don’t drive off the cliff or answer existential questions about men.

How many blondes does it take?

If there ever was a bulletproof formula for a successful release in Hollywood, this is it – take a lily white, stereotypical symbol of American authority, who makes peace with and then befriends an immigrant with street flair.

Reese Witherspoon plays the awkward white cop, shepherding sassy drug-lord widow – played by Sofia Vergara – to a court hearing. Of course, gangsters would have none of it. But in Hollywood, gangsters are better at shaving designer stubles than shooting.

Though predictability reigns supreme in true commercial movie fashion, this release will make you smile, even during hackneyed scenes of forced friendship and comical escapes. Or even when Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara bond while grossing kidnappers out with descriptions of “women problems”.

Don't think Pryor lined Gene Wilder's eyes ever.

Don’t think Pryor lined Gene Wilder’s eyes

The duo seem to share a good chemistry. So good that the insults they fling at each other almost seem real. We all know Sofia Vergara has a funny bone, but Reese Witherspoon might have found her niche too with the ‘confused hick in ill fitting trousers’ look in this movie.

Summer Bubblegum

The movie has been directed by Anne Fletcher, who has a history of teenybopper Hollywood releases, most notoriously Step Up in 2006. But her former mistakes have made her wiser, one hopes. Having writer David Feeney of New Girl fame, on board would have also helped. And together they seem to have succeeded in making something that does leave that irresistible sweetness in the mouth.

The movie is slated for a May 8, 2015 release and a big-ish opening. It will be a step towards Hollywood for Sofia Vergara as Modern Family (surely) nears the end, while Reese Witherspoon will hope to complete her comeback.

Check out the trailer video of Hot Pursuit from Youtube.

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