It’s Tomorrowland On May 22, 2015

Tomorrowland is less a movie and more a peak into the subversive mind of Walt Disney.


Walt Disney Studios seem to be paying homage to their creator & founder via new sci fi release, Tommorowland. George Clooney as washed up inventor, Frank Walker, and Britt Robertson as smart, young Casey Newton explore a futuristic paradigm which resembles Walt Disney’s planned society. The name of the movie itself is drawn from the futuristic theme parks at Disneyworlds.


What Happened In 1952


While it was being developed, the movie was titled 1952, after the label of a frayed box recovered from Walt Disney. After scriptwriter, David Lindelof, shared a picture of the box midway during the development of the script, it inevitably sparked huge amount of interest.


He sure knows how to stare into space.

He sure knows how to stare into space.


It all culminated in Lindelof and film director, Brad Bird, speaking about the box at an event. It even spun off a new iPhone app, through which you could ‘rummage’ through the contents of the box.


There’s nothing as sinister or subversive about the movie, at least as far as extra terrestrial theories are concerned. Tomorrowland is another attempt at looking at Disney’s own utopic visions through the prism of modern technological innovation.


Disney Reel Life


Filming for the movie commenced in eastern Canada, before moving onto Vancouver. Sequences were also shot at Disneyworlds in Florida and California. There was a shoot schedule planned at City Of Arts & Sciences in Valencia.


Not something you see everyday.

Not something you see everyday.


Tomorrowland will be packaged with an accomplished soundtrack, which includes two Sherman Brothers’ hits in ‘There Is A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow’ and ‘It’s A Small World (After All)’. Michael Giacchino is the composer of the rest of the soundtrack and is, as usual, impeccable and reliable.


A Bird In Hand
Brad Bird passed up on Star Wars return to be able to work on Tomorrowland and by the looks of it, he seems to have achieved what he set out to. Namely, create an epic so big that it lingers throughout the ages just because of the novelty of the sequences on screen. David Lindelof, as his Walt Disney inspired writer, is well equipped to help him do that.

Check out the trailer below:


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