Pitch Perfect 2 Shapes Up As The Summer’s Biggest Musical

Presenting to you Pitch Perfect 2, one of this year’s highest profile sequels yet. 


After Pitch Perfect became the second highest grossing musical comedy in Hollywood ever, here is the sequel, Pitch Perfect 2, scheduled for release on May 15, 2015.

Universal had been planning a sequel since the successful release of the first film in 2012. They have got the original crew back together for this summer blockbuster release, except for director Jason Moore, who was replaced by Elizabeth Banks.


Oh Won’t You Sing?

But it’s the cast where the continuity counts. All the big guns are present, including Anna Kendrick and Anna Camp of the Barden Bellas, and Skylar Astin, who plays the leader of the Treblemakers. Even Kay Cannon is back reprising her role as scriptwriter and producer, showing the faith Universal execs had in her after she did a good job of adapting Mickey Rapkins’ book Pitch Perfect: The Quest For Collegiate A Capella Glory.


Bellas got back...together.

Bellas got back…together.


Pitch Perfect 2 goes international. Where the first movie was about a national acapella competition, this time the Barden Bellas must beat singing competition from around the world. Enter not-too-imaginative stereotypical names of competing teams like ‘Das Sound Machine’, headed by new cast addition Flula Borg.


Music To Your Ears

Mark Mothersbaugh is the composer for the movie, bringing his 40 years of music to the soundtrack of a Hollywood musical. The soundtrack is slated for release on May 12, 2015, a few days before the US release on May 15. And speaking of musical guests, there is Snoop Dogg too, in a special appearance.


Hollywood's top crew.

Hollywood’s top crew.


It’s A Big Deal

The budgets have obviously been upped for this much touted revival of one of Hollywood’s biggest hits of past few years, with slick shots around Louisiana State University campus, where it was shot. The movie already opened at no.1 in Australia and New Zealand where Pitch Perfect 2 was released a week earlier on May 7, 2015, so the expectations are high. And with the summer around the corner, this sequel could be well placed to top the billing of the first part.


Watch the trailer here:

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