Why Get A Game of Thrones Audiobook by George R. R. Martin?

Take the Game of Thrones  experience to the next level

A Game of Thrones audiobook that you can get for listening is the bestselling series called “A Song of Ice and Fire”. In 2014, the bundle was released and Roy Dotrice is the narrator. People can find and acquire the audio version of the book online. It can be a surprising fact that many of the people who already listened to the audio version of Game of Thrones never read the book. Most of them get the audiobook after playing card games related to the book or watch the television series.

The audiobook contains the primary five parts from the first book. Every one of these parts is narrated in a great manner by the winner of Tony award, Roy Dotrice. You can get the bundle in the form of Audio CD’s, which can be then converted in the format of your choice (mp3). Many people today don’t like to read books, especially if they have a difficult style and if they are very long. The possibility to convert serious books like Game of Thrones in an audio format opened the doors to new potential “readers”.

The audiobook is the actual reproduction of the hardcover book. Because of this, it contains all the components of the story. The TV series wasn’t able to cover everything, so the audiobook can help listeners to get into the fantasy world presented by the book and understand all of its aspects. If you get the book in this format, you will be able to experience exactly what the author wanted you to experience.

It is amazing how Roy Dotrice can represent all the 224 voices in the book so well. People who get the audiobook will hear the story exactly how it is, each character having a different type of voice. Despite the complexity, it will be really easy to digest. Maybe this easiness is the main reason for the popularity of the audio version. The audiobook can be one of the greatest means of entertainment for more than thirty hours. For the price that you can find online, there is absolutely no valid reason to miss this audiobook.

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