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Ever wondered what your doe-eyed little ball of fluff or scaly pet was up to while you were away at work? Well, think no more! Illumination Entertainment presents their latest animated flick after the immense success of their Minions. The Secret Life Of Pets tells the story of a beloved domesticated dog, Max who shares a perfect life with his owner, Katie. His little life within the walls of Katie’s home is shaken when she brings over a new massive hound from the shelter – Duke. Initially, their battle for dominance of their abode and the attention puts them at odds with each other. Duke is bigger and hairier than Max, so he obviously wins dominance, though Max tries to outwit him. They are surrounded by other colourful pets that Max has known for a long time. They include a girl Pomeranian, Gidget, who has a secret crush on Max, Chloe the cat, Mel the bulldog who is paranoid about the conspiracy of squirrels taking over the world, Buddy and Sweet Pea.

The adventure begins when the dog walker leaves Max’s leash on and Duke lures him into a trap. They both end up being ambushed by a large litter of street cats, led by Ozone. However, as they try escaping these furry menaces, they are caught by Animal Control, on the way to an unknown location. Duke is scared, as he reveals that he was at the pound before Katie rescued him and that if he goes back, it’s the end of the line for him. They manage to escape when a group of feisty anarchist animals led by Snowball, a white rabbit and his band of “Flushed Pets”. Snowball attempts to initiate them to his group of human-hating animals, but fails when he finds out that Max and Duke are both domesticated. They chase them all the way to Brooklyn across the harbour, determined to kill them both. Max and Duke make their way to a sausage factory and after being chased again by Animal Control, end up at Duke’s old home where it is discovered that his former owner is dead. They try to make their way back to Katie’s safe home in New York, but Snowball catches up to them. It is at this time that the Pomeranian, Gidget is also on the way to bring her beloved back, along with her domesticated gang and Tiberius the falcon, along with Basset Hound, Pops. In the end, all animals are safe and sound and return home, awaiting their owners who are unaware about their adventures during the day. Snowball is adopted by a young girl and immediately softens his hard heart towards humans.

Chloe Secret Life of Pets

Chloe in a still from The Secret Life of Pets

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Buddy Secret Life of Pets

Buddy in a still from The Secret Life of Pets

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Snowball Secret Life of Pets

Snowball in a still from The Secret Life of Pets

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Gidget Secret Life Of Pets

Gidget in a still from The Secret Life Of Pets

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Max Secret Life of Pets

Max in a still from The Secret Life Of Pets

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So, how was the movie? Animal lovers and those who understand the different shenanigans of animals will get the idiosyncrasies of each character. The movie begins with good intentions and has promise, but it ends up being haphazard with a predictable storyline. Not only that, but most of what is happening makes no sense to the story – for example, the sausage factory seems to be unmanned and the animals eat away happily (isn’t this supposed to be a major health code violation?). A movie with so many characters, each having their own stories, is just around 80 minutes long. The movie alas, falls short of its expectations. Apparently people are giving it “relatively positive” reviews as the movie does have its funny moments. But truly, there is just too much going on in too little time. The trailer for The Secret Life Of Pets misleads to a great extent. Check it out if you’re love of animals exceeds the fact that you will be wasting nearly an hour and a half of your life.


Louis C. K. as Max

Eric Stonestreet as Duke

Ellie Kemper as Katie

Kevin Hart as Snowball

Jenny Slate as Gidget

Lake Bell as Chloe

Dana Carvey as Pops

Albert Brooks as Tiberius

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