Feel Raw Pain Through Anesthesia

If we’re being open here, then Kristen Stewart should definitely continue contributing towards real, raw roles. Following her critically acclaimed roles in movies like The Runaways and Clouds of Sils Maria, the star looks fragile in her latest flick. Seriously, get ready to feel raw pain through Anesthesia.

Written, produced and directed by Tim Blake Nelson, this independent indie film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival to rave reviews. It stars Sam Waterson as Professor Walter Zarrow, Kristen Stewart as Sophie, Glenn Close as Marcia Zarrow, Gretchen Mol as Sarah – all in major roles.

The story starts with Professor Zarrow (Waterson) who is attacked violently in a street mugging. It then takes us back to the stories that led to this event – the Professor’s life, a harrowed student by the name of Sophie (Stewart), a mid-aged lady (Mol) struggling to find solace through sobriety and a desperate junkie. It all leads back to the Professor and the lives he touched.

The movie has a limited release and can be watched through video on demand from January 8, 2016. It has been produced through IFC Films.

Visit the movie’s official site by CLICKING HERE.

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