Kicking Ass With Kung Fu Panda 3

Hollywood is kicking off 2016 with the third installment of one of our most favorite animated films of the millennium – DreamWorks’ Kung Fu Panda 3!

Clumsy panda Po and his band of warriors led by Master Shi Fu are all ready to take you on another oriental venture fighting evil the best way they know how – with humor, family and a whole lot of kicking ass. But this time there’s a twist – Po’s long-lost father has entered the scene and is about to teach him a completely new way of life. Since the Master states that Po must now graduate from being a student to becoming a teacher, the beloved creature must put a whole village of pandas under his training and help fight the big bad villain before he threatens to destroy the entire village.

Old characters are voiced by the likes of Jack Black, Angelina Jolie and Seth Rogen, among others. However, papa panda is now being dubbed by Bryan Cranston, which already sounds exciting from what we get to see in the trailer.

The movie is set for a January 29th release across theaters in the United States.

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