Mad Max Returns To The Screen On May 15, 2015

Get ready for an expertly crafted assault on your senses, as George Miller’s Mad Max returns with its fourth and most graphic installment yet. Almost 30 years after Mad Max last lit up the screen with his epic Aussie road warrior adventure, he’s back in Mad Max 4: The Fury Road. Slated for worldwide release on May 15, 2015, this is the first movie in the legendary Australian action movie franchise that will not star Mel Gibson as rock solid ‘Mad’ Max Rockatansky. The mantle now passes onto British actor Tom Hardy.

 On The Road Again

Charlize Theron is the alpha female in the movie, the spiritual successor to Tina Turner’s Aunt Entity from Thunderdome; a sort of mythical warrior goddess. She leads a pack of exceptional women known as Five Wives, each of whom is instrumental in ensuring humanity survives. They are even more critical to the storyline, because in the wild world of Mad Max 4: The Fury Road, they are all the firepower Max has to defend him against the brutish War Boys.

Max is back with a bang.

Max is back with a bang.

 George Miller has spoken about the time it took to get this movie off the ground. 25 years to be precise, which has been described as ‘development hell’ by the legendary writer-director. In fact, if it had been made earlier, Mel Gibson might still have donned the Mad Max role. But after the delay and Gibson’s aging in the interim, Tom Hardy was roped in. Of course he has got the action star chops. Now let’s see if he delivers.

Flowering In The Desert

 The movie was shot in and around Sydney in Australia. A significant portion of the movie was also shot in the Namibian desert, after the location of choice in Australia received showers and turned into a wildflower garden. Which, of course, couldn’t cut it as Mad Max’s habitat. The stint in Namibia created some mild controversy after reports in the media emerged of damage to the Namibian desert during the filming.

Dystopia extremis.

Dystopia extremis.

Maximum Madness

All’s well that finally gets made and releases, especially when it comes to a long awaited movie from a blockbuster franchise. Some of the biggest directors and filmmakers of our times have drawn boyhood inspiration from the Mad Max movies. This summer, George Miller’s blockbuster is ready to introduce the myth to a whole new generation of action fans. Check out the trailer –

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