5 Flights Up Releases On May 8, 2015

Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton lend your summer smiles some Hollywood star power with 5 Flights Up.

As America nurses its racial bitterness and insecurities about the future, Hollywood helps the audience reminisce with its summer comedy blockbuster, 5 Flights Up. And reminisce they do – in the wistful tales of Alex and Ruth, a white collar interracial couple, played by Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton, who must fight the tides of time. Mostly by standing around and cuddling.

Trip Down The Memory Pain

It’s a still fresh, still passionate 40-year-old romance Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton share in the movie, all of which has been spent in the same apartment in Brooklyn. But now, the winds of change that ruffled so many Americans’ lives this century blow through Alex and Ruth’s life too. Will it make them give up their sedate life they seem to be so attached to?

Can't believe we're still in the news.

Can’t believe we’re still in the news.

At the very outset, they seem to have got the casting right. Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton bring the right amount of pathos in their characters and don’t look silly getting mushy. Of course, if you want wistful, you always call Morgan Freeman.

Shades Of Happy

Director Richard Loncraine completes the unofficial “old timers’ club” that made this movie. His British sensibilities are reflected in the side characters that seem to populate every frame, mostly as idiosyncratic flies-on-the-wall. Hopefully their human stories don’t get lost in the frivolity.

Not quite Shawshank.

Not quite Shawshank.

This liveliness was imperative for a plot which is well-worn though, even in times of lesser social upheavals. Nothing that Morgan Freeman can espouse in his Hollywood-ready voice can convince people against urbanization. Yet, this movie promises something more, a chance for your own personal nostalgia set against the backdrop of warm New York shots.

A Tickle And Gone

The movie is based on the book Heroic Measures by Jill Ciment, but you know how contemporary cinema goes – must include issues of the day. Which is where the terrorist threat handily comes in. How they keep up the fluff and mush through a harrowing lockdown, only a viewing will tell.

For Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton, this movie must surely feel like a retirement check. They don’t seem to have to wear anything special or say anything special. And as far as retirement checks go, this movie might not be enough but it gets you by.

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